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Hitting Rome on the run!

110 marble steps up to the great studio in Via Tritone

sunny 28 °C

This morning - seems like yesterday morning!! we thankfully left the Guelfo apartment in Florence- after 3 almost sleepless nights from the noisy restaurant right below us and the crash of metal garage door like shutters being banged shut each night at about 1.30 am - after the noisy patrons had staggered out!
We were happy to be on our last (??) train journey.
We were lucky to have chatted with an elderly gentleman waiting at the Florence station who told us which way to exit and the cost of a taxi to where we needed to go - Via Tritone. (10 euro he said should do it!)
So we got to rome after an hours fast train journey -- we really do need them in Aussi--

We were approached by a man offering a taxi .. we said how much to via Tritone ?? (Quanti costa a Via Tritone??" ) 45 euro !!
You've got to be kidding mate!!
Oh yes .. they see us coming..
Wendy soon had another taxi offer.. this time, the 10 euro did the trick and 5 mins later we arrived and were assisted upstairs by the delightful Gemma - sister to the owner.. 110 marble stairs ..but the apartment is lovely.. best yet with everything supplied!!
Views from 6th floor balcony:room_with_view1.jpgroom_with_view_2.jpg[
After a rest we went food shopping.. chef again cooked a great pasta!
Around 6 we decided to go exploring to find the Spanish steps.. there seemed to be a large crowd gathering with barriers and a orchestra rehearsing, so we stayed to see what would eventuate.. rehearsal ended..Security guards in suits made their presence known.. a police lady with sniffer dog went round all the rubbish bins and potted plants... dog sat down next to the plants (isn't that the signal to get the bomb squad in??)).. handler gave it a biscuit and all was well again!! LOL!! crowd swelled.. the special plastic chairs inside the barriers were slowly filled with all sorts of bods.. with tickets for the occasion.. Italian nonnas next to us tried to cajole their way in!! We stood our ground forcefully - these people can be really pushy given even half a chance!!
Then at 9..00 pm the orchestra came back, the announcements were made and Jose Carreras (!!!) yes in real life took to the stage!!

He was accompanied by the lesser known Gladys Rossi with her magnificent soprano voice. This part of JospfestA real welcome to Rome.. but by 11.00 pm it had started to rain and the instruments had to be sheltered so we left and went to see the Trevi fountain under lights.. a huge crowd here.. tossed our coins in the fountain..
Home now for a good restful sleep!

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Dear Ma and Tim
I hope your having fun.It sucks down here I have to go to school with a new teacher that the whole class dislikes.But the good news is we have started the school musical and I'm doing I will survive and the boys are doing Bohemian Rhapsody!
We are all missing you and hope you and Tim are back soon (By the way Tim I love all the blogs your posting I haven't read all of then because our computer is just starting again but the ones I have read are great)
I hope the weather your having is better than ours it's been wet and windy, Today and Yesterday it was sunny but cold and winter has only just started.Nanny is 100 and is in hosptal.I wish I was up there with you and Tim it would be so nice. Dads working on the bathroom and he let me rip up all the tiles that was fun.
Have a great time love always Hollie :)

by Hollie Spence

Hi Hollie!!
great to know you are enjoying the work that goes into this blog!!! We are enjoying day two in Rome today.. it's 10.36 pm your time and 2.40 pm on sunday afternoon here.. VERY humid and about 26 C
We've been out walking - got into the free entry day at the Quirinale gardens, then headed off towards the roman forum. saw a wedding in progress, then went to the Saint Maria Maggiore church.. where Mass was in progress..
Very grateful to ne home for a rest!
Take care!!
home now.. rather exhausted with the high humidity!!
Make the most of school..it's far better than working!!

by timd

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