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Another tick for Tim's "bucket list"

sunny 25 °C

Today we had a free breakfast kindly supplied by the hotel.
We then headed off to walk along the beach towards the old town area.

PS: to use a toilet at McDonalds in France you need to press numbers into a keypad.. so you have to buy something!!

While Wendy decided to get some sun, sitting along the beach, Tim went to fulfil another ambition..
Down a nearby sidestreet we had previously located the Mobilboard shop..

And for 25 euro I was given my own private lessons and a tour of the old Nice on a Segway!!
Here we go!!

Here we go!!

I found balance quite difficult a first, but discovered that with one foot slightly forward from the other I could come to a stop fairly easily..
it was supposed to be a group tour, but the others did not show, so I had my own guide who was most attentive.
After a short ten minute lesson on the Promenade des Anglais we were off.. heading up the long pavement, then across at the traffic lights --Opps disaster.. these things have no brakes.. you lean forward to go forward, backwards to go back.. a tad too much back lean and you roll backwards.. being rather aware of how easy it might be to end up under a bus, (visions of Mulga Bill flashed before my eyes!!)
I decided to "bail off" at the crossing .(. well sort off jump off and scrape a leg whilst the machine fell to the pavement..).and wheel the machine across.. thanks to my patient guide.
But I was back on again immediately and we set off dodging the pedestrians along the narrow streets and laneways of ther Vieux Nice..

The trip took an hour and was another great experience.. thanks to Wendy for the pics!

Following this, Wendy and I went to explore the old town on foot .. we toured inside the old Cathedral, then were walking along a small side street past a cafe when there were shouts and crashes just behind us.. we turned to see, and there were two dark African guys going hammer and tongs- tables were upturned, chairs thrown and smashed and suddenly there was the glint of a ten inch blade . Luckily the cafe owner (??) and others wrestled the men, separated them and confiscated the knife.. we did not waste any time leaving the vicinity.
But we found another church (Noo.. not another church!)and also some alleyways with great little shops.

We meandered our way back to the beach and the babes (!!) and decided to paddle our weary feet in the water..
but bit of an obstacle here.. no - not the guy asking for .35 euro to use the toilet on the beach, BUT :
Yes -- this, would you believe is the beach at Nice!!!

Yes -- this, would you believe is the beach at Nice!!!

Yep .. that's the beach.. but we had our shoes on.. and just had to remove them near the waters edge to paddle!!
Certain nameless person, paddled a tad too far into the waves and got wet jeans "up to the crutch" .. never mind - noone seems to care here and they were almost dry by the time we got back to the hotel!!

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Where shall we go today??

Umm .. perhaps another short bus trip

sunny 27 °C

A 40 minute 1 euro bus trip took us to today's destination. This time we went in the other direction along the coast.. got the map ready??


This was a busy place to visit as very soon-(next week!!) there will be a huge influx of people from all over the world.. already preparations seemed to be well under way.. those spectator stands are growing like mushrooms..
Yes.. Monaco is getting ready for the F1 season.
We strolled down through the Casino gardens then had to dodge the scaffolding as we headed for the palace.. many steps to climb but it was worth it!!
We were there to see the changing of the guard and explored some of the narrow streets..
hope you enjoy the pics in the gallery..
Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard

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